Your Challenges are our business

We work across geographies and business sectors, at all levels in an organisation from graduate trainees to senior executives clients.

Here are some of the typical challenges our clients report:

  • "I feel ill-equipped to deal with this ever changing and uncertain business landscape. I know we should collaborate more across the organisation, but all I see is people fighting their own corner"
    Regional Sales Director, Global FMCG

  • "I manage teams of people across the world. I have not met them face to face and may never get the chance to. How do we build relationships of trust, which are critical to getting the job done, especially since we work under considerable pressure for much of the time?"
    International Project Manager, IT Infrastructure


  • "We need to have highly engaged people that drive performance, but the energy is low after so much re-organisation. I know this is something to do with culture and managing change, but I’m not sure how to deal with it."
    Senior VP R&D, Global Pharmaceuticals

  • "We have core values, but no-one knows how to connect them to what we actually do. How can we base our decision-making on our values, bring out the best in our people and achieve our organisational goals?"
    HR Director, Financial Services


Global Business Leaders – Case Studies

For many companies and industries today in the age of global internet access, the biggest opportunity for growth is to expand globally.  We support companies across all sectors that are striving to be more global, or are already, but are not reaping all the benefits of their diversity.  The skills needed to develop great products are different to those needed to build and run an international organisation.  Collaboration continues to be the key focus for thousands of chief executives across the world.

Executive Team Coaching


Client: Gentoo Group

Gentoo is a large North East based social enterprise with a vision to improve the Art of Living. Their work is focused around three key areas to maximise their impact: people, planet and property. Locally, they are one of the biggest employers and landlords in Sunderland. To move closer towards their vision, Gentoo is committed to fully living their five Group values.

The Executive Director for Vision & Culture partnered with Global Business Leaders to support the Group Executive Team to help them authentically and consistently lead from the front by role-modelling the Group values – both individually and collectively. Chris has worked with Gentoo since November 2013 and has played a crucial role in successfully enabling Gentoo to set up a framework in order to understand and embed their values. In addition, he has conducted coaching for individuals and the executive team.


The initial Executive Team values assessment revealed a shared desire for a higher level of alignment around the Group values within the team.  When measured again post-implementation programme, the team assessment showed a marked improvement in the way team members experience working together, a shift towards greater alignment around the Group values and a desire within the team to work on integrating some specific values – and this provides the direction for the next step on the journey.

In addition, as a direct result of this work, the Executive Team realised that Gentoo Group needed an additional core value that would more fully integrate essential business processes and procedures, ensuring that staff working in key business service support areas felt fully included and appreciated. To that end, Gentoo Group has recently introduced and launched a sixth core value, “Optimising success through compliance”.

Read more about the Values Journey and the approach taken here.

  • "Chris successfully enabled us to set up a framework to understand and embed our values through the use of surveys and Cultural Navigators. He is tenacious and brings a focus to the discussion and it is a challenging experience but for all the right reasons. His approach is to build on your strengths and aspirations and he brings a real authenticity to the process. I would certainly recommend him to any organisation who really wants to take this stuff seriously. 'Go on, I dare you'. "
    Caroline Gitsham

    Executive Director, Vision & Culture, Gentoo Group.

Global Leadership Training


Client: GE Healthcare

Anne co-designed and facilitated a Leadership Development Programme conducted for over 550 international leaders across the world for 6 years. The focus of the 3 day module was on the corporate value of inclusiveness. Themes: superior leadership performance, emotional & cultural intelligence, coaching skills, personal accountability and personal development. We created a practical, real-life organisational challenge, balanced around input, group work and time for reflection on learning.


Participants rated the course very favourably. We were interested in the long term effects and conducted a survey to learn how participants applied the learning: leaders who left the course with the highest motivation were also those who applied more learning and reported more benefits to their business. We found that the experiential approach was key to the learning experience, and that even a 3-day course can have profound long-term effects on business performance.

Participant comment:

Excellent leadership course as it helps you understand how to be a better employee in person. Anyone, not just leaders will benefit.

  • "Anne’s passion in delivery and design has cemented our continuous relationship and my classification of her as a valued partner in the success of our global leadership development program.
    I would highly recommend her for any work project in the field of Leadership Development and Coaching."
    Mary Ellen Rogahn,

    Director of Global Leadership Programs

Executive Coaching


Client: Certikin International

Executive and Pair Executive Coaching

Helen coached senior executives on increasing their impact and influence in a way congruent with their individual styles and values. At agreed stages Directors were brought in to the coaching process by the coach to provide input into the agenda, give feedback and support to the coachee. Markers for future progress and development were also established. The facilitation improved rapport between stakeholders and sharpened the focus on goals, benefitting the individual, team and organisation.


The client reported an enhanced sense of well-being and self-awareness of the executives leading to more tangibly effective behaviours visible by 360 assessment.

  • "The impact of Helen’s coaching skills on the senior executives within our organization far exceeded my expectation. Not only were the development goals achieved but the effect has been maintained since the end of the programme. Helen helped unleash greater performance potential, enhancing the contribution at every level of the executives who took part in the programme.
    I highly recommend Helen’s empathetic and yet challenging approach to other business leaders."
    Managing Director, Certikin International

Global Virtual Teams


Client: DUNDEE Precious Metals

Global Virtual Teams – Facilitation and Coaching

Louise worked with the Global IT Team operating out of Canada, Bulgaria, Armenia

Client issues were:

  • Cultural misunderstandings
  • a compromised level of trust
  • lack of alignment around common purpose and goals
  • competing team loyalties
  • ineffective cross-cultural communication.


We identified the top most important needs to build greater trust and boost performance in the team. These were addressed in an ‘offline’ workshop designed to realign the team and followed up with application coaching to sustain the new commitment.

  • "It’s difficult to express how much I respect your skills after the last team building we had together. I am impressed by how well you understand different people and can control any situation. The work you did was life changing."
    Global IT Team member - Bulgaria

Global Cultural Transformation


Client: BNP Paribas

Global Cultural Transformation Mentoring.

A UK-based division of BNP Paribas was undertaking a major culture change initiative, however, they had reached a point where the work was becoming disjointed and, as a result, there was a lack of clarity on vision, next steps and resourcing. As a specialist in helping clients align their organisational values and culture, Chris was brought in to work alongside and mentor the transformation team.


The transformation team achieved much needed clarity on the overriding vision and purpose of this important initiative, on progress to date, on emerging priorities, and next steps to be taken. Importantly, a sense of direction was re-established.

  • "I have worked with Chris both as a participant on a CTT Part 2 group programme, and also in a 1-on-1 coaching relationship. I have found Chris to be a source of expertise and knowledge in the field of values-based leadership and culture change. He is thorough in his approach - his skill as a coach is to push through to get to the core of challenges and issues in order to build a structured action plan. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a grounded and pragmatic coach."
    Divisional Head of Cultural Transformation,

    BNP Paribas

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The way in which we co-create with you maximizes your potential.

We have proprietary leadership frameworks that are proven to be practical and powerful. We use tools, models and latest research.
We recognize that real impact results from crafting solutions that serve live business needs. We tailor for purpose. We engage and motivate your people to work on what needs to be changed, whether themselves, their teams or elements in the wider organisation.  The result is change that lasts.

  • "When you have gone so far that you can't manage one more step, then you've gone just half the distance that you're capable of"
    Greenland Proverb