e-Merge Coaching Assessment


The demand for workplace coaching is increasing.

We have hundreds of hours of experience, supporting managers to learn and practice their coaching skills, both in the training room and back at work.

How do you measure up?

emergeeMerge™ is an online 360° feedback instrument designed specifically for managers who coach.  It allows raters to assess the coaching they are receiving so that their coach manager can understand his or her ability and impact. Managers can act on the specific areas of feedback to improve their skills and approach – their coachees and their organisation benefit.

More than just skill

While coaching is growing in importance, for most managers it is not their main task. Managers have to work out when to coach each other and when they must be in problem solving mode. These seem to engage different neural circuitry. Skills competence alone is not sufficient to coach well – its use and power is greatly affected by mindset – one which seeks and develops potential in individuals and challenges.

The eMerge™ model helps by assessing coach managers’ approaches to coaching in five areas:

  • An underpinning mindset that values people and learning.
  • An openness to exploring possibilities, rather than ‘pushing’ preferred solutions.
  • The capacity to offer resources: support, feedback and challenges to aid change.
  • Linking learning efforts to meaningful personal and organisational goals.
  • Having sufficient empathy to notice own and others’ moods, and be adaptable in behaviour for best results.

eMerge modelThe eMerge™ model is simple, structured and based on insights from research and practice of what helps leaders coach effectively. It can provide a number of specific benefits to your organization:

  • The report gives credible, systematic feedback from raters chosen by the Coach Manager. They will be challenged by the depth and focus of the feedback.
  • It captures feedback in both quantitative and narrative form, to help your leaders find meaningful paths for improvement.
  • The tool can be combined with coaching skills training to reinforce lasting behaviour change for your leaders.


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  • "It is not enough to have senior leader support; managers also need to understand how to coach. HR has to create an environment that supports, teaches and measures coaching."
    Bersin (2011)