How’s the book going? Challenges of life and work

How’s the book going? Challenges of life and workNovember 13, 2018

Organisational Culture

This is a question we are often asked as we started writing our book “The Discovery Prism©: a fresh lens on 21st century organisations” in January this year. It’s been an eventful year as in parallel to writing the book our house has been in part demolished and re-built and Anne had to deal with the accelerating illness and death of her father.  Life has a habit of carrying on even when you’d like to put things on hold so you can handle just one thing at a time.

The work environment is no different and in our book we acknowledge the particular challenges faced by people in businesses this century. I recently heard this summarised as the holy trinity: producing higher quality at lower cost with diminishing resources, to which I would add, responsibly.

Concepts on their own will not create transformation. Central to the framework are the key behaviours that will: elevating the being (how we are) as well as the doing (what we do), working collaboratively, the importance of dialogue and connecting the dots.

The overarching values governing the framework are human and systemic sustainability. Success in the 21st century has to be an inclusive concept simply because if it comes at the cost of the wider system: community, nation, environment, globe, it is not success, simply a deferred own goal.

When all the elements of the Discovery Prism© come together, as one of our interviewees put it: “there is a plus”, felt as a vibrational energy of people literally working on the same wavelength. This is the exciting creation we wish every organisation, big or small, to discover.

So, the compelling reason for our book is to give hope to people in businesses today, that there can be a future of work worth striving for. And the answer to the question “how’s the book going?” is, yes, the book’s coming along and we are very excited to announce that it will be published early 2019.

Helen Battersby

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