New Year Resolutions – what’s your vision?

New Year Resolutions – what’s your vision?January 11, 2018



At the start of the New Year we may consider our resolutions – do we remember what we promised ourselves last year?  How great was our intention to act on our promises to ourselves and others?  Maybe we achieved some shift and we can congratulate ourselves if so, since the vast majority of resolutions do not reach fulfilment.  So what’s makes the difference?

Having the vision of success is key – what will the new me look like?  How will my relationships be changed?  What plans will reach fruition? Can I picture this, not just as a still but as a movie clip in my head – what will I be doing, thinking, feeling, experiencing differently?  The clearer we can become the greater the pull is likely to be.  Motivating ourselves is one thing but what we know about successful change is that it will have been supported by others who know what we are trying to achieve and encourage us in our efforts.  We may be reminded, kindly when we veer off course and this will help us to realign.  That’s assuming we are prepared to listen and still believe in the fulfilment of our vision.  Things can change around us and may diminish our original fervour.  When this happens it’s good to reflect on the reason behind the vision – the whole point in making the effort.  Having a plan for this year will hopefully reflect a longer term vision that will make a real difference to our lives.  Maybe this is something I have had a vague idea about for a long time but haven’t taken the time and space to work out how I’m going to get there.  We can ask for support from people we respect and trust, we may complete any amount of readily available guides “5 steps to becoming the new you”, “Let miracles into your life – here’s how”…  The key point though is not just to ask, listen, read, plan but actually to DO!  It’s obvious, of course and so easy to put off till later.  I know because I am Mrs Procrastinator in person!  There’s always another book I can read, another course I can follow, a new approach I can think through.

So I am going to be bold here and reveal in public my promise for this year, 2018.  For myself and my business partner Helen, this is the year of our book.  We will write and publish the work that has been taking form for a number of years.  It’s a book about Leadership and how we can connect multiple facets into a sense-making whole. It’s for leaders of organisations who are keen to thrive in the 21st Century. It’s for large or small organisations who want to join up their thinking and plans to create something more powerful and more exciting. It won’t give you all the answers (you already have these within) but it will bring them forth.  Have I said enough now to make you curious about our next blog, when more will be revealed?  This has to be written first though and that is the challenge I am giving myself.  A blog and a chapter at a time, breaking the bigger piece down into manageable steps. I invite you to call me on our progress at any time over the coming year.  Most especially 12 months from now – that’s assuming you haven’t already received the finished work.  Not only have you read it, you have also found it valuable and practical for yourself, your team or organisation.  That’s my vision.

Anne Stenbom

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