Well done, WellBoring!

Well done, WellBoring!November 23, 2016


129862-d38992cfbc5d3677e14e1d6de0f1ebcfConnecting your inner voice to action
We can all have a vision but the key to transformation is acting to make that vision become a reality. Often our inner voice is quietened by feelings of impotence or fear when instead of a true source of strength the inner voice becomes a nagging sense of lost potential.

A powerful example of the positive connection from inner voice to Action is the UK charity, WellBoring, that grew from the decision made by two British engineers to fix a Kenyan school’s water problem.  Big things can develop from starting small with the urge to make a difference.  Since 2013 WellBoring has provided many water solutions that improve the lives of thousands of young Africans and strengthen their schools in Kenya and beyond.

Your inner voice may be telling you to be congruent with your values; stand up for what you believe in; speak truth to power. What do you need to step up?  What could be possible?

Here is WellBoring’s Christmas appeal:
Our charity provides 5,000 schoolchildren in 21 communities with clean water solutions, adding wells for 10 communities this year alone. But water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid are still a major problem in Kenya, causing widespread illness and sometimes death. We aim to double the number of schools we provide with clean water in 2017 transforming the lives of 5,000 more schoolchildren plus nearby inhabitants. See www.wellboring.org

100% of funding raised by WellBoring is used to provide clean water to schools in Kenya. WellBoring has no overheads and relies totally on volunteers. WellBoring works exclusively with organisations and communities on the ground to establish the boreholes, supporting Kenyan communities to grow and develop.

Here is an opportunity to make a difference, either hands on (like organising an event or writing a grant application) or through a donation: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/please-give-joshuas-school-clean-water.

Where there’s a will there’s a well.  Will you?

Helen Battersby

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