We are all professionals in the field of leadership development, bringing extensive international business experience, excellent training, facilitation and coaching skills. We challenge and support your people to embrace change, learn and flourish.

Anne Stenbom   In-2C-128px-TM

AnneMaximising the value of differences to enable
connection and build trust.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Anne is a global executive coach and an accomplished intercultural specialist. She has over 30 years of international business experience working for large multi-nationals across the globe, and across functions and industries. She loves the challenge of complexity and ambiguity, and is as comfortable working with individuals as large groups. A positive, non-judgmental outlook and the willingness to stretch in order to grow is her own mantra, and one she encourages her clients to adopt. She lives a multi-cultural life both at home and work and speaks five languages fluently.

If Anne could change the world: she would provide access to clean drinking water for all.

Helen Battersby   In-2C-128px-TM

HelenHelping people be the best they can be

Based in Hampshire, UK.

Helen is a global executive coach with a strong background in international leadership development. She gained 20 years experience in positions of leadership with a large multi-national in manufacturing, sales and distribution and has lived in Spain and the UK. She has also run work for MBA students at a major university business school. She is committed in all her work to promoting positive, open and respectful communication. Helen speaks three languages fluently and lives with her family on the South coast of England.

If Helen could change the world: she would change the culture of political exchange- less adversarial point-scoring, more transparency and deep listening.

Louise Evans   In-2C-128px-TM

LouiseHelping people reach their full potential and express their uniqueness

Based in Florence, Italy.

Louise travels the world working as a facilitator and
global executive coach. She delivers culture-general and
culture-specific programmes for leaders and teams in organisations with ambitions of international growth. She has lived and worked in several different cultures and speaks four languages.  Louise believes deeply in the ability we all have to grow, transform and excel. Her passion as a coach and a facilitator is to reach their highest professional and personal goals. She offers a dynamic, creative yet thoughtful approach and always aims to enthuse and engage her clients.

If Louise could change the world: she would want everyone to practise the art of connection with every step we make.

Chris Monk   In-2C-128px-TM

ChrisInspiring leaders to make a positive
difference in our world

This was Chris’ life work.  In all he did, he sought to make a positive difference.  We are deeply saddened by his loss, far too young with so much still to offer.  Chris collapsed and died close to his home in Exmouth, UK on 31st May 2016.  Chris was an experienced and very able leadership facilitator and executive coach who connected easily with those he met and inspired them to live to their true potential.  In the final months of his life, he dedicated himself to giving generously to the charity he co-created and to developing values-based work with non-profit organisations. We remember him with love and gratitude for his contribution to who we are today.

Our Core Values


We share the same values:
  • Sustainable development: We create change that lasts.  The work we run makes a difference to people, their teams and organisations.
  • Holistic growth: Sometimes people benefit from learning new techniques and skills.  What makes a bigger difference to success is what we believe about ourselves and others, how that affects our behaviours and the relationships we build. So we aim for “whole person” development which means working with beliefs, feelings and emotions too.
  • Integrity: this means being authentic and consistent.  We use the models we teach and say what needs to be said, always in the serivce of supporting each other and the client.  We call this “compassionate honesty”.
  • Partnership: We co-create work with our clients.  We are present, flexible and listen actively.  We want our clients to believe in their own potential and challenge them to act on it.


Strategic Partners

Sometimes the scope and specifications of the project require GBL to work with an extended team.  We partner with trusted consultants and organisations across the globe that have the same high standards of competence and professionalism. We choose the team to match our clients’ specific requirements.  However large or small the team, you can always be assured that we monitor what we deliver to guarantee the highest level of quality, in alignment with our values and commitments.